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  • During the first 9 months of the CORONAS-F satellite flight the SPIRIT instrument on board the spacecraft has registered more than 80,000 solar XUV images and spectra in 10 spectral channels.
  • For the first time full-disk monochromatic Solar images in MgXII resonance line 8.42 Å were obtained. High temperature structures (3 - 20 MK) associated with active regions were observed for the first time at the solar disk and above (up to 0.3 RSun) the limb.
  • For the first time full-disk Solar images in spectral bands 8.42 Å (MgXII), 175 Å (FeIX-XI) and 304 Å (HeII) were registered simultaneously, which is important for the study of spatial structure and dynamics of the solar corona.
  • Time series of Solar XUV images in several bands of the 8.42 - 304 Å spectral range were recorded by the SPIRIT telescopes and spectroheliographs in time scales from seconds to months.
  • Full-disk Solar spectral images in more than 200 monochromatic lines of different ions with excitation temperatures from 0.05 to 16 MK were observed by the SPIRIT XUV spectroheliographs in the XUV spectral bands 177 - 207 and 285 - 335 Å. These spectra allow temperature and density diagnostics to be performed of different solar structures, from flares to coronal holes.

    A pair of simultaneous solar images in 175 and 304 Å obtained by the SPIRIT Herschel telescope on 03/01 - 2002 at 02:54 UT


    Superposition of full Sun images in 10 MK band (MgXII, 8.42 Å) and in 1.6 MK band (FeIX-XI, 175 Å)

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