CORONAS-F Tracking


The scientific payload of the mission comprises four main groups of instruments:


  • Spectrophotometer DIFOS (PI - V.N.Oraevsky)

    Monochromatic Imaging with a High Angular Resolution

  • Solar X-Ray Telescope SRT-K (PIs - I.I.Sobelman and I.A.Zhitnik)
  • X-Ray Spectroheliograph RES-K (PIs - I.I.Sobelman and I.A.Zhitnik)
  • Spectrophotometer DIOGENESS (PI - J.Sylwester)

    Electromagnetic Fluxes and Polarization Measurements (from UV to g-)

  • X-Ray Spectrometer RESIK (PI - J.Sylwester)
  • Solar Spectropolarimeter SPR-N (PIs - I.I.Sobelman, I.P.Tindo, and S.I.Svertilov)
  • Flare Spectrometer IRIS (PI - G.E.Kocharov)
  • Gamma Spectrometer HELIKON (PI - E.P.Mazets)
  • X-Ray Spectrometer RPS (PIs - V.M.Pankov and Yu.D.Kotov)
  • Amplitude-Time Spectrometer AVS (PI - Yu.D.Kotov)
  • Solar UV Radiometer SUFR-Sp-K (PI - T.V.Kazachevskaya)
  • Solar UV Spectrophotometer VUSS-L (PI - A.A.Nusinov)

    Study of Solar Corpuscular Fluxes

  • SKL Complex (PI - S.N.Kuznetsov)
  • Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer SONG
  • Cosmic Ray Monitor MKL
  • X-Ray Spectrometer SKI-3

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